March Writing Inspiration

Goodbye February, you won't be missed!

Happy Friday!

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Hi, I’m glad you’re here! I wasn’t sure if I would get around to writing a newsletter today, the last two weeks have been indescribably shitty, for a lack of better words. I’ve felt exhausted in every way possible and have struggled to keep up with pretty much everything.

These slumps tend to drain every bit of creativity out of me and I find myself sitting on unshareable poetry. Based off a few recent Instagram polls, I’m not alone when it comes to that feeling . As we head into March I thought I’d compile a few things that could help you ( & me ) throughout the month.


  • Prompt’s can be a poet’s best friend!

  • 10 Instagram Writers You Should Follow

  • A Song I Write To

  • Share Your Thoughts

Prompt’s can be a poet’s best friend!

February’s over and we’re one month closer to Escapril! While some writer’s try to steer clear of prompts, I think they’re great. So here are a few prompt’s some of my favourite writers have put out for this month.

1) @transwriting march prompts.

2) @thetasteofmypen’s march prompts

3) @mkcurrie_’s prompts

4) @nataliaxvela’s Evermore prompts


If you’re looking for some inspiration, or just some great Instagram writers here are 10 accounts I love:






@finding.finesse (currently doing the 100 day challenge with daily posts)






Since I added Natalia’s Evermore prompts on the list, I thought I’d add one of my favourite songs from the album.

Ivy // Taylor Swift


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